• Advantages

  1. More mature project management team

First of all, the founder has nearly ten years of translation management working experience; secondly, the project managers have more than five years of working experience and are in strict control of each link; thirdly, there are a number of experienced expert consultants who provide authoritative guidance for it.

  1. Excellent translation team

Bonzer Translation has an excellent translation team, and they are called the elite in their respective fields. They all love the cause of translation, for which they will work together for the common motto of "Worthy of your trust and affording to our responsibility"!

  1. Strong DTP support

Bonzer Translation has a powerful DTP base in China, specializing in various different formats of files, as a translation escort!

  1. Advanced computer-aided translation technology

Computer-aided translation software (CAT) has been widely used in the field of translation. We can use TRADOS to deal with translation documents.

  1. Execution

Bonzer Translation can grasp the needs of customers in an accurate and fast way, tailor perfect translation solutions for customers the first time, match with fixed translation team, and be in strict compliance with the established criteria of translation.